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Completing the short form below will  give you a set of estimates for a Building Survey on your property. The prices will come  from Building Surveyors who cover your local area. You will also at once be provided with their full contact details. You can then get in touch with them directly and compare prices and services. If you wish to place an order you deal with them directly.

If you have any queries or would like help filling in the form, please call us on 0800 0147 453.

Filling in the short form below will instantly give you a set of estimates for a Building Survey on your property. If you have difficulty filling in the form or if you need help, please call us on 0800 0147 453.

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We will provide you with a multiple list of suppliers who cover your area. In addition to providing their full contact details, where possible we will also provide a list of initial estimates. This information is given instantly in your web browser. You will then be able to contact any of these suppliers directly. In addition we will forward your contact details to each of these suppliers so that they can contact you directly should they wish to. If you do not want to give your phone number please enter 0000 into the telephone number field.

Please note that although we forward your contact details to each supplier who covers your area, your details are not provided to any other third parties. You will receive a feedback email from us, in approximately three weeks time, but after that we will not use your contact details again.

What do our customers say about our Surveyors?

Customers using the Local Architects Direct website are sent a feedback request a few weeks later. Please see the following replies from real customers who have used our website to find a Building Surveyor:

The web site worked well and I used John Dillon.  I would recommend him and the service he provides.
Alan, Little Nestor, Cheshire

The website was nicely laid out and easy to use, I used DJA Surveyors. He was a very pleasant man, it was a quick easy process and a great price.  I wouldn't hesitate to use them again
Chris, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria

The web site was very good, quick and easy to use and I got an immediate contact from 2 suppliers.  I used ACS Property Consultants Limited who were quick to respond to my query and very prompt with carrying out the work and producing a report.
Tim, Odiham, Hampshire

The web site was superb, beyond expectations and we used Peter Hogan.  The work carried out was very satisfactory, we had our survey booked within 10 mins of logging out of the site, very impressive site and service from those listed on it.
Kerry, Finchley, London

The website worked well. I placed an order with Building Design Services and am satisfied with the resulting work.
Joseph, Blackheath, London SE3

Very good site – “it did what it said on the tin” – I currently live in France and have been away from the UK for 9 years but am returning now and in that time I have lost track of how things work etc. Your site was fabulous, and also very easy to use. I used Nash & Co in Dereham. The work was carried out within 2 days of giving the go-ahead via email from France.
 I was very impressed by Chris Nash personally, he was very effective in his role, very efficient, did what he said he would and when he would do it, and he subsequently found an issue with the house that we are buying which has after negotiation with the vendor, resulted in a price reduction of £2000 ! So who would not be happy and satisfied?
A W, Stradsett, Norfolk

Website operated satisfactorily. I placed an order with Keith Gregory Chartered Surveyors. The work carried out was satisfactory.
I have used the service twice and on both occassions it has proved to be very helpful and the surveyors contacted have been very good.
W Ajose, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

The website worked well. I followed up with Stamford Wing Surveyors. I am satisfied with their work - very fast and efficient.
N Downing, Stalybridge, Greater Manchester

Following a telephone converstaion I used Richard Cruise for a homebuyers survey at a reduced price. He was fast and efficient and I received a brief survey report promptly.
H G, Attenborough, Nottinghamshire

Yes I found the website and the contacts that it found me very satisfactory. I rang three of the surveyors in the end to find out a bit more information.
In the end I asked Andy Tew, 360 surveying, to carry out a buildings survey. He was very helpful, responded very quickly to any of my queries and I have been very happy with the service he provided.
Cheryl, Nailsea, Somerset

The website worked well. I chose Andrew Holmans of AJH & Associates and am satisfied with the work he carried out.
Kay, Sevenoaks, Kent

Yes, I did find the website useful, I contacted Chris Nash who has carried out a survey on our potential property. The work was satisfactory. No other comments, apart from the feedback that it did make it easy for me to compare providers
Dee McC, Norwich, Norfolk

The website worked well. I followed up with Flat Jacks and am satisfied with their work. Used service earlier in year for property in SE and was very satisfied then and this time.
Keith, Wirksworth, Derby

The website worked well. We chose Gerard Walsh of BSS Survey Solutions and are satisfied with the work they did.
Many thanks.
Susan, Pontesbury, Shropshire

The website worked well. We used Ian shore and we were very please with the work.
Great service, we haved used before and again great service.
Sarah, Glossop, Derbyshire

We decided to use the Local Surveyors Direct website to chose a Surveyor to provide a report on a 40 year old property we are considering buying.
The website was easy to use and gave us six options to chose from. We chose Camsure Homes of Cambridge.
The work was carried out very promptly and the report was emailed to us two days later.
It has proved invaluable as it answered all the questions that we raised. Further points were raised and we are now renegotiating the price.
Mr Greed was happy to discuss the report when we had time to digest it and I would recommend Camsure Homes to any one considering buying property in Cambridge.
Peter, Cambridge

An excellent website giving the layperson a good picture of what can be obtained.  I chose AC Surveys Ltd for the simple reason that they were on the ball with my interest and were upfront, polite and gave me a quote which i was happy with.
The service that they gave was excellent and the survey itself and the report were very quick and comprehensive. At all times they acted in a professional manner. I would not hesitate in pointing other interested parties in their direction.
Your website is constructed very well so that it is easy to follow.
Thank you.
William, Darlington, North Yorkshire

The website was fantastic, identified people and we contracted with Gerard Walsh.
The report that gerard Walsh made was absolutely fantatsic.
Vivienne A, Wavertree, Liverpool

Very satisfied with the survey, just a few slight mistakes with house name and my initial etc but just small things. We chose Melanie lane -fox from your list. Thanks
D M, Hartley near Dartford, Kent

The website worked well. I used Allied Surveyors and Valuers. The work has been carried out and I am satisfied with the result.
Steve, Swansea

simon sutton did the survey he was very good and efficient
jean, West Kirby, near Birkenhead

Website worked well and responded with quotes within 24 hours. Selected Thorburn Property Consultants in response to their prompt E-Mail. Conducted a Building Survey on Friday 7th, E-Mailed 8th, hard copy 11th. Overall well pleased with your website, various quotes and choice of suppliers
Brian, Teddington, London TW11

I used Ian Gow for the building survey of the house I am purchasing. His report was extremely detailed and very helpful. He was also very helpful and keen to answer any questions I had. I would definitely use him again and would highly recommend him.
Kind regards,
Tracy, Selby, Yorkshire