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To get a range of estimates for conveyancing from solicitors and conveyancers in your local area please complete the form below. We will then instantly provide a number of estimates from different suppliers together with their contact details. You will be able to contact them quickly and efficiently. There is no intermediary.

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This website will help you find suppliers who provide property services.  When you enter your details and press submit, the system will immediately give you the contact details of the suppliers covering your local area.  Where appropriate, initial estimates will also be instantly provided. You can then contact any of the suppliers directly. In addition, your details will be sent to each of the suppliers listed, so they will also be able to contact you. Your details will not be forwarded to any other third parties. Your email address is required but if you do not want to provide your telephone number, please enter 0000. Using this website will not commit you to placing any orders or paying any money. If you do place an order with one of the suppliers, you will be dealing directly with them.  In most cases there is no middle man. Suppliers on this website pay advertising fees to be listed, they do not pay any commission to Local Surveyors Direct. Before placing an order you should ensure that your chosen supplier has satisfactory qualifications, accreditation, experience and insurance. You will receive an email from us requesting feedback a few weeks later. After that we will not use your details again.

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To get a range of estimates for conveyancing from solicitors and conveyancers in your local area please complete the form above. We will then instantly provide a number of estimates from different suppliers together with their contact details. You will be able to contact them quickly and efficiently. There is no intermediary.


Please note that any stamp duty costs assume that you are not a first time buyer. These prices assume that that the property is not a new build. New build properties may incur additional charges. Please discuss this with the Conveyancer you choose to appoint.

Conveyancing costs

Costs vary as some transactions are more complex than others. Conveyancing cost for a typical property can range from £500 to more than £1,500 for a purchase and sale but is less for a single transaction.

Costs broadly break down into two parts: the solicitor or conveyancer fee and payments to third parties for checks and searches, known as disbursements. Please ask for a breakdown.

The solicitor or conveyancer basic fee to buy or sell a house can range from £250 to £1,000. 

If you are selling, local authority searches vary from £50 to £500 while Land Registry fees are approximately £50 to £500. Further disbursements may be required eg chancel repair liability search, drainage search, environmental search.

Stamp duty is a separate cost which must be paid by the buyer and ranges from zero to five per cent of the property value. For current rates see

About our service

Although we won’t be making any recommendations, we try to supply you with the information you need to find a supplier who can help you.

We recognise price isn’t everything. Before placing an order, you should ensure your chosen supplier has adequate qualifications, experience, insurance and registration.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We aim to provide a great service. We will send you a feedback email about three weeks after you use our website but after that we won’t use your details again.

The suppliers listed pay a small fee – a few pounds - per sales lead. They don’t pay commission to Local Architects Direct for any orders placed.

Commonly asked questions

Q: What is conveyancing?
When a property is bought or sold, the legal ownership, known as title, must pass from the seller to the buyer. The process is called conveyancing.  A buyer must ensure that the seller is the owner, has the right to sell the property and there is nothing to stop a mortgage or resale.

Q: What is a conveyancer?
A conveyancer is a specialist solicitor who deals with the legal side of buying or selling a property (transfer of ownership). A conveyancer may also be a licensed conveyancer or fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives. In the UK, they are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

Q: Why is it important to use a conveyancer?
It’s important for a legal expert to go through the contract carefully to ensure the buyer secures title to the land with all the associated rights and is aware of restrictions before purchase. Your conveyancer will carry out a number of searches and checks on the property.

Q: What are the stages?
The conveyancing process begins with an offer on a property. The seller’s legal expert must then draw up a draft contract with details such as prices, boundaries and fixtures and fittings. An energy performance certificate should also be included. There are two major landmarks: exchange of contracts and completion. Under English law, agreements are not legally binding until contracts are exchanged

Q: What do solicitor or conveyancers do?
They carry out the searches and pre-contract enquiries. The seller’s solicitor or conveyancer will prepare the draft contract to be approved by the buyer’s solicitor as well as collect and prepare property information to give to the seller’s solicitor, in line with Law Society’s protocol.

Q: What searches are done?
A standard search could include requesting information from the local authority, for example, of any planned developments, disputes, road works or rights of way, that may affect the property. The local water company may also be contacted to confirm sewers, mains and pipes are maintained by them. Less common searches include:  finding out if the property is liable to a Chancel charge from a local church, environmental research such as history of flooding.

Q How long does it take?
It takes on average three months, but while some transactions are quick others may take longer.




Do you provide Conveyancing Services?

If you provide Conveyancing Services and you would like to be listed on the website, please complete the registration form and we will set you up with a trial.

Customer Feedback

Please see below for some of the feedback we have received about the Conveyancers we have got listed on our website:

David was fast, efficient and easy to get in contact with(phone or e-mail). Received the report on the property in less than a week.
S.C. , Birmingham
Excellent - good competitive fee. Experienced help and support, valuable useful . Prompt, courteous really helpful.
David, Banbury
Hi, I found your site very helpful and we did end up using one of the solicitors recommended by you. We felt more comfortable going with a firm which was in Liverpool and so easy enough to go to if needs be. Andrew Tyl of Bolton and Jones Solicitors is currently working on the slae of our property. Their service so far has been good. Hope this helps.
Kind regards, Cheryl.
The website was fine and provided price comparison details for two local solicitors whose quotes for conveyancing were far cheaper than other firms I had contacted. I chose May solicitors which I now know is a one woman company dealing only conveyancing. I have met Claire May and she appears organised and competent. She has quoted a price of £306 in connection with the sale of my house which is almost £200 cheaper than other local firms offered even after I had obtained some haggling discount. She has also been recommended by another independent source. Thanks for the service.
Paul Lomax from Frekleton (Blackpool, Preston).
Spoke to Terry who was very knowledgable and offered advice that ultimately meant he was turning work away but had the best interests of me in mind. Would definitely use again. Thanks
Amit, York

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