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What is Local Architects Direct?

The problem:

Finding someone that can help you with an Architectural Design requirement can be time consuming. Initially you will be formulating your needs and so it will be useful to talk your ideas through with more than one supplier. How do you go about finding the right contacts?

The solution:

Local Architects Direct has a large network of suppliers who can help. You enter your information and instantly get contact details for Architects, Surveyors, Drawing Technicians and other people who cover your local area. You will be able to make direct contact and discuss your requirement quickly and effectively.

Just select your requirement from the buttons at the top of this page, select your service and enter your details. A full list of suppliers for Architectural Design will appear in your web browser and will also be sent to you by e-mail.

It only takes a few seconds! Your list of suppliers will include the contact details for each person listed, so you can then talk to them directly to discuss your requirements in more detail. There is no middle man.

House Extension?

How much extra space do you want to create? What footprint is available on the land adjacent to your property? What sort of design would be in keeping with the existing property? What are the relevant local planning requirements?  How much input do you want to have in the design?  Once you have an agreed plan how are you going to source a reliable builder?  How are you going to manage the project?  Do you want to be actively involved or do you want to pass much of it onto a person with much more time and experience to ensure that you get your desired outcome?  Do you need a highly experienced Chartered Architect or would a Surveyor or Architectural Technologist be more practical?  These are the sorts of questions to talk over with the experts. Once you are comfortable that a clear picture is emerging, you can then set about appointing the right people to make it all happen (Medium Architectural Design).

New Home?

If you have a once in a life time opportunity to build a new home then you need to get the best advice possible. You need to talk to a number of Architects and look at their work in detail and then decide who is right for you (Medium Architectural Design).

New Factory or Office? 

Commercial properties need careful design.  You will want the new building to be as functional and as efficient as possible to suit your unique business requirements (Large Architectural Design).

Alterations to an existing home?

If you are going to make alterations to your home you will need to be sure before you start that the end result will be beneficial. Again advice from an experienced expert will help you to get a good picture of what the possibilities are (Small Architectural Design).

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In addition to Architects we can also provide a wide range of other property professionals to help you bring your ideas to fruition. These are available through the buttons at the top of the page.

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