If your home is starting to look tired and getting you down, don’t worry. There are lots of simple ways you can spruce things up without tearing down walls or breaking the bank.

Often, just introducing a new colour or changing the layout of a room can have a big impact and really make a difference. To create a more contemporary ‘modern’ feel, the first thing to start thinking about is how you to declutter your home and create more light and airy spaces.

Top Tips to modernise your home
Top Tips to modernise your home

Before you call in the builders or an interior designer, think about being creative with what you have already got. Sometimes, you don’t need to makeover a whole room - just a colourful piece of furniture or a strategically placed lamp or vase can brighten a space and lift the mood.

Here are some top budget saving tips on how to modernise your home.

1) Give your front door a make over

Make a great first impression – if your front door is still in good condition, for a new look, repaint with a change of colour or replace old and weather worn knobs and knockers with quality ironmongery or a new door number. 

2) Revamp your hall

The hall is often a dumping ground for shoes, bags and coats. It may be the first room you walk into – but rather than welcome you home, it screams clutter. Be brave. Focus on bold colours and some fun or entertaining wall art that shows off your personality, and find a different home for all the clutter. As for those stairs, re-carpet them with a stylish runner to make coming home a real treat.

3) Give your kitchen a facelift

Redesigning or refitting a kitchen can be a big investment. If you are happy with the layout of your kitchen, then there are lots of ways you can give different parts of your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank. For some new trend-inspired touches, think about repainting or replacing kitchen cabinets; changing cabinet and drawer handles; swapping cooking splashbacks for some stylish tiles; upgrading kitchen appliances or changing the worktop for a new laminate, wood or granite surface.

4) Refresh bath time

There are many easy ways to boost bath time whether it is changing your shower curtain or buying a new matching towel set to bring a new colour scheme to a room. If you want to change the flooring, think about adding underfloor heating at the same time, or upgrade your bathroom mirror to a heated one, which won’t fog up if the bathroom gets steamy.

5) Reawaken the bedroom

Often the last room to get a makeover, bedrooms can quickly fall out of fashion as once the bed is in place, there is little wiggle room change much else. If you have got fixed wardrobes or large pieces of furniture that can only go in one place, your bedroom can be stuck with the same layout for years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a revamp. Giving your bedroom a modern look can be easy, from buying new bedding to changing the handles on old cupboards and drawers to add personality. Want to really spice things up? Think about creating a feature wall either by repainting it in a stand out colour or adding patterned or textured wallpaper.