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Forget featureless, flat expanses of white. Be brave with colour, pattern and texture to create a statement wall with real impact.


The easiest way to liven up a wall is to paint it – in any colour but white. Deep forest green, dark blue, grey and even black are fashionable but there’s no limit to the hues you can choose. Don’t be afraid to put colour on a wall as it instantly brings a room to life. Feature walls are a great opportunity to experiment with bright colours and bold patterns on a small scale that you would never consider on a larger one. Just make sure whatever you choose complements the rest of the room. Find some matching accessories to tie it all together.


Grand houses of the past often had painted wall murals. Italian Renaissance and Victorian mural decoration featured classically-inspired landscapes. Whether you’re looking for a playful mural for your child’s bedroom or a modern trompe l’oeil that will make your living space look bigger, it will immediately become the focal point. Try a wallpaper mural if you lack the skills to paint your own masterpiece or can’t afford to commission an artist. It doesn’t have to be a large mural that covers the entire wall – a small wall mural can create a painting effect.

Mural on wall
Photo supplied by Joanna Perry, mural artist

Photo supplied by Joanna Perry - mural artist


The designs on offer are incredible.. If you want a brick-effect, washed timber or slate tile you can have it. If you would like giant flowers, misty mountains, bird-inspired, cityscapes, bold botanical prints, lush jungle, a graffiti wall or simple paint effects it’s out there. It costs less to paper one statement wall than an entire room, so a luxury wallpaper may be within your budget. The Designers Guild has a huge range of nearly 2,000 wallpapers, including florals, geometrics, plains, checks and stripes.

Featured wall
Photo supplied by Graham Brown

Photo supplied by Graham Brown


Ceramic and glass tiles can add a new dimension to a surface. Covering all your lounge, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen walls with a statement tile can be overkill. Instead you may want to consider creating a feature wall that highlights a focal point such as a chimney breast. Brick-effect tiles can create a realistic-looking brick wall while wood-effect tiles provide a cosy, chalet feeling. Slate tiles can also create a stylish, stunning look perfect for a feature wall. Meanwhile, glass tiles and mosaics can look fabulous as part of a feature wall in a bathroom whether you choose sparkly glamour or natural stone.


Beautiful brick walls can complement a range of interior design styles from rustic country to industrial-chic. However, the nude bricks need to be good quality for a feature wall. If you’re building an extension, your builder may be able to recycle vintage bricks from a previous project. For a refurb, stripping back a wall to brick is a dirty and dusty job but can look amazing. If the exposed bricks are uneven, cracked or patched, you may prefer to cheat. It’s possible to create the bare brick look with cladding, tiles and even wallpaper.

Latest trends

While paint, wallpaper and tiles continue to be popular, there is an increasing willingness to experiment with mixed materials on feature walls, say designers. This trend embraces natural wood, buff leather, velvet and woven materials. Reclaimed timbers and wood panelling – either painted or exposed – for example are on-trend, natural and sustainable. This is in line with deep green and tan colour palettes currently in vogue matched with richer jewel tones.

Statement wall décor

It’s perfectly possible to inject some personality into a wall with a few striking pictures. Whether it’s the hallway, living room or kitchen, an eye-catching display of framed prints or canvasses. Multi-shape wall mirrors also look stunning and bounce light around a room. Don’t forget to frame your children’s artwork to create a unique display. 

The one-wall approach rather than coverings that go around the entire room is a well-established design tool. Whether painted, panelled, bare brick, decorated with a mural or textured with natural materials, a feature wall is a fantastic way to create a focal point and add character to a room.